What to choose for the light source when power up chiliplantor?

led_5I get many questions about lighting. Here are my thoughts on lighting.

As a hobby grower of chili peppers so there is no need to invest in expensive plant lights.
Fluorescent lamps and compact fluorescent lamps are an inexpensive and very good alternative when to
highlight their chiliplantor. Biltemas compact fluorescent lamps with cold light 4000 k has been shown to
work very well for both uppdrivning and winter storage. Fluorescent lamps are available in many
different makes. Philips TLD 840 is a great fluorescent lighting at discounted prices but there are
many other brands that work well. Best is fluorescent lamp with cold light (4000(K)) or
daylight (6500(K))

Led lighting for plants.

A more expensive alternative to fluorescent and CFLs are grow led lighting. There are
Many lights on the market, some are good and some are not so good. In my tests
so, it has been shown that led lighting with white and blue led or just white led with the right
colour and effect works best. There is no need for a red led to power up or winter to be chiliplantor.

The Red led light provides a creepy glow and not recommended for use
in the living room. Led lighting has a more directional light and does not cover as much surface
as fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lamps. As lighting of single plants or supplementary lighting systems in a window, then led a good alternative when there are lights
that is not so bulky.

Lighting effect

What should I have for effect, Watts on his lighting? The higher the wattage the more energy to the plants. At least 20 – 30 Watts needed to power up chiliplantor on an area of approx.. 50×40 cm. The height should be 20 – 40 cm above the plants. For larger surfaces 120×40 cm I recommend 2x36W T8 lamps or T5 fluorescents 2x28W. If you use low-energy light bulbs or fluorescent lamps does not matter what matters is the colour
and lights/lamps sitting in a light fixture so that the light is directed downwards.

If you want to grow in led lighting for plants, I can recommend these lights from VENSO EcoSolutions LTD. My tests have yielded a good result.

PS. It does not work better and it saves no energy on the use of these lights to power up your chiliplantor but one can have other reasons
why you want to use the led as a light source

led_4Plant lamp Standard 18W 60 °





led_4Plant lamp Winter 18W 60 °





led_3Growlight Duo with stand





led_2PFL-600-1-30-RBC Plant fittings Quattro 30W





ledPFL-600-1-50-BW Plant fittings Winter 50W






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18 Responses to What to choose for the light source when power up chiliplantor?

  1. Sven says:

    Hey Stig,

    At what stage do you think that you should move their small plants from warm (IE. on the heat mat) to cool and light environment? Do it as soon as they have cave, or maybe only when the character leaves proved to?



    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Sven!
      I usually let my plants remain until they had their character sheet when the school I into small pot nutritious soil and put them cooler ca. 18 degrees.

  2. Bear says:

    Hey Stig!

    Have seen that some recommend that fluorescent tubes are placed so close to the plants as possible in raising, CA 3-8 cm given that it is not too hot (one can cool down the tubes with a fan). Is there any downside to this as I use 2x24W T5 fluorescent lamps?


    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! So close to the plants that 3-8 cm, you do not need to have the pipes but 20 cm works well and you won't see any difference.

  3. Gunilla Ho says:

    Hey Stig,
    Is a completely new to growing chili.
    Bought seeds via chiliklubben and got them really fast from you. Thousand thanks.
    Want to buy CFL because it is recommended.
    When it mentions tex CFL fr Biltema 30W power 45 Watt. Is the effect you're talking about electricity, it is what it is? Gets confused when it is mentioned in Biltemas home page tex 15 w represents about 75 W.
    Do not dare to buy smth before I know for sure so I don't buy the wrong.
    Thousand thanks in advance!
    Sincerely Gunilla

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Gunilla!
      What you mention to tex 15 w represents about 75 W. is that a CFL equivalent to an ordinary light bulb with 75W and it is something completely different. The you should have is a low energy bulb with color 4000 k
      There is 30W and 45W at auto parts store. If you can't find so ask staff or search at 4000 k on Biltemas website.

  4. Bite says:

    Hey Stig,

    I have cultivated about 20 plants chili that takes up about 1 KVM. Now I need to plant lighting for them and was wondering if the low energy lights 4000 k from biltema is a good option. And in that case 30 or 45W? Some have bloomed and I've got some fruit but mostly it's buds. I grew a little too late and was wondering if there is a chance for them to survive indoors and that the rewards will continue to grow? Thanks for the reply!

    • Stig Häggkvist says:


      Yes, your plants continue to live on inside. Would you like to receive fruit so need the light 14-16 hours/day and water and nourishment and a temperature around 20 – 24 degrees. Give liquid nutrition 1 ml. till 1 litres of water every time you water.

      To 1 KVM so goes it for about 100 Watt lighting so the best and cheapest solution is fluorescent lighting as they cover large surface. It is also possible with low-energy bulbs but it is harder to get a light fixture so that the light covers the surface. It is not enough just 1 St. CFL on 45 or 30 Watt.

      If you use cold light 4000 k or warm light 2700 k doesn't really matter it goes equally well with both bright colors.

  5. Alejandro says:

    Hi stig is supposed to start growing some chili and did that light you make Ikea dish. Also bought a lamp from kjell and company then bought a lamp http://www.kjell.com/sortiment/hus-halsa-fritid/belysning/lampor-ljuskallor/lagenergilampor/speciallampa-e27-45w-2250-lm-p57437.. This works well for uppdrivning of the plants and overwintering? Best wishes, alejandro

  6. Andreas says:


    I have just sown chili seeds from a plant that died for my flower guard managed to wipe the death. I've put them in a greenhouse at 60X22 cm. No good this strip lighting from Bauhaus to make them grow before summer?

    Link: https://www.bauhaus.se/ljuslist-voltolux-10w-led.html?nosto=nosto-visited-products

    Best wishes,

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! 10W is a little bit you should probably up to 20W or more, after which the plant is growing and getting bigger. Should you only have one plant might suffice 10W but I would bet 20W or more.

  7. Mac says:

    Driver for the first time chilli plants and now the second leaf pair plant on most plants. Total cultivation surface is now approx. 0.75 m x 0.40 m. Fluorescent tubes at 2×55 W covers not quite the entire cultivation surface when they are about 0.5 m long. The fixture is placed 0.4 m over the plants. The temperature at the plants will be held with the fan just below the 20 degrees. Should I change something in this schedule?
    best wishes,

  8. Bear says:

    I have 5 plants which is between 5 and 15cm in height, they have a few pairs of leaves each.
    Moruga scorpion should one be and the other a milder variant, either scorpion or ghost, wasted patches unfortunately.

    They've come up so late so I wonder now if I can get them to be nice to the next year if I give them the light in winter, and they shall stand at room temperature or is it too hot?

    An even bigger question I have is, shall they be cut down anything at any time?
    I've only watered and given a little chiligödning, do not cut them at all since they came up.

    best wishes,

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! You can have them at room temp if you have extra lighting, the hotter the more light is required it. Cut them down, you can do in January- February if they become too sprawling and otherwise, it's just box them.

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