The winner of The Swedish Dorset Naga Challenge 2014 is korad!

It was Niclas Sjöstedt who took home the victory in “The Swedish Dorset Naga Challenge 2014” with the impressive sum of 1902 red fruits.

Here is the list of all entries that came in on time.

1:(a) site, Niclas Sjöstedt 1902 red fruits.

2:(a) site,Sandi H 911 red fruits.

3:e site, Mats Thuresson 679 red fruits.

4:e site, Jimmy A2z 127 red fruits.

5:(e) place Mia rosendahl 19 red fruits.

I got 627 red fruits and beat my own record from 2013 then I got 308 red fruits so I'm happy.

It was a shame that there were so few who submitted their entries. Hope that several leaves into 2015 the annual contest.

Congratulations to everyone who competed, good job!

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