Spice & Salt mixtures

Now many chilisorter to mature. Most of my crop dryers I and do spices of. Now my chili spice mixtures and Spice salt to buy if you are looking for.

I grow all my chilies and herbs in a natural way. I use no chemical preparations.


PS. Subject to availability, there is also fresh chili fruit in my little shop.

You can find the chili spice mixtures and Spice salt here

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3 Responses to Spice & Salt mixtures

  1. Henke says:

    Can't find the spices on the side. Maybe you should sell them via your blog instead?

  2. Clara says:

    Hi Hi!

    Would/can you throw up the recipe on your chilisalt.? There are many different ways. Just don't know quite what is the best way and which one is always better. Have a chilisalt that now stands in the camper. Tokgott is d. Had been able to look at the bottle after the manufacturer's home page. But as I said, the camper is now on winter storage a couple of miles away. O I miss my klant remove salt. I thought I'd make m you still seem to be able to d most about chili. Thanks in advance

    With kind regards

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