Also this year I germinate seeds in Root Riot ® cubes.

I love these little Root Riot ® cubes. I sow my seed now in cubes. It grows well and it is so easy to school about them to the pot with the soil. Just press the seed into the small hole that is in the middle of the cube would be so 2 seed to make a hole to. When the seedlings germinated and had their character sheet so the parts to the cube and hey presto you have 2 seedlings to school if the soil in the pot.

It is important that you look into their small cubes each day, If you have these on heat mat or in a warm place, they can dry out quickly. At the watering can as I am doing dip them in warm water and squeeze out of them easily. You can also pour some water into the trough that man has the cubes in and let them soak up water, pour off the excess water when the cubes got enough water.

Some info about Root Riot ®

Root Riot ® cubes are made from composted organic materials, and have a spongy texture both hold air and water for rapid root growth. Root Riot ® cubes can be use for both cuttings and seeds. Root Riot ® cubes contain micro-nutrients and biologically active ingredients for better root development.

Would you buy these cubes they are here: pepsbutik

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  1. Mattias Andreasson says:

    Hey Stig,

    Are these better than Root!such cubes?

    You can use the same nutrition as Root!t?

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