Test of 3 “different” LED växtlampor

Keep agree that this with växtljus is a jungle! Lighting for growing, lighting for ornamental plants, lighting for wintering.

What is the difference? When asked why there are so many different lights to get to the answer that they are specially adapted for particular farming, wintering, etc. OK what do I do well to buy into 3 different lights suitable for cultivation, wintering, and ornamental plants and test to see what the difference is about to grow during all these 3 lights that everyone should be available for a specific function.

Yes, in principle there is no difference at all for the plants, It grows equally well in all 3 the lights. The only difference is how we humans perceive light and if it is important to buy the lamp which you think gives the most pleasant light brightly for you for plants care not.

All 3 the bulbs contain white light as a base since it has been set to red and blue LEDs in various combinations.

When it comes to how well the lights are, they are quite ok to highlight their little ones with or
1 till 2 some larger plants. To a 20 watt lamp would be able to shed light on the 1 square metres
with good growth results (It says so in the description) is not true.

PS. Should you buy växtljus so was skeptical and inquisitive don't believe everything that is said and written. Many times do not know they are selling växtljus something about växtljus sorry!

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10 Responses to Test of 3 “different” LED växtlampor

  1. Patrik says:

    Illumination energy from the Sun in Sweden is well over 500W per m2 most days I suspect depending on weather, It is in the judgment in the areas you should consider when looking for a lamp? Feels very true, But what effect does per m2 do you think?

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      100W m 2 is a good benchmark to be bailing on so of course is even better but 100W 200W m2 is enough good for pulling up chiliplantor

  2. Nils says:

    Hi! Thanks for the great site! In a YouTube video showed a led with directed light to put at the top of a window. Perfect for when you grow in the apartment I think, but can't find any such lamp when I Google. Do you know what it is called or where I can find the?

  3. Kalle says:

    These lamps where the coated with ban on sales by the Swedish National Electrical Safety Board, does anyone know if it is lifted?
    Makes you wonder how it is with the quality of other?

  4. Nick says:

    Äger själv 4 stycken av dessa lampor (grow versionen, 10w). Fungerar utmärkt för mina 3 plantor och de har vuxit galet mycket. Rekommenderar dessa starkt!

  5. Helena says:

    Jag har precis tänkt klicka hem en sån Primula Grow 10W. Jag har mina frösådder i två stora söderfönster och tänkte främst ha denna växtlampa i ett av fönstren över tomat-, Peppers- och broccoliplantorna som extra belysning när inte solen skiner/räcker till. Och sen använda samma lampa för att övervintra citronträdet i garaget. Låter det rimligt tycker du? Eller finns det något bättre/billigare alternativ till detta?

    Ska väl säga att mina ögon också är väldigt känsliga för starkt ljus.. känner mig därför inte sugen på en stark vit lysrörsarmatur i vardagsrummet.
    Tänkte att denna lampa är bättre..

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