Now it's time to school about to finish pots.

I will skip many steps with regard to the retraining of chiliplantor. Both to
save space indoors and because I think it works great to go to large pots with plenty of Earth if you only plan on being careful about watering the first time.

It is only when my plants may come out in the greenhouse I schools into large pot
right now, they have grown big and strong in 13x13x13 pots.

Do you want to see how I am doing so check out this little video where a little plant gets a big pot.

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2 Responses to Now it's time to school about to finish pots.

  1. Johan says:

    Put my in the pots for one week ago, were perhaps a little early with the benefit of hindsight but you learn by mistakes. They have the least pulled off(don't have a greenhouse so must stand inside than). So what I wonder is if it is OK to let them bloom and set fruit indoors now? Or will they be shocked and lose the fruit when they moved outdoors in a month or so? The plants might at best can stand out to the middle/end of september on the balcony before it gets too cold. Single can I take check, but I have some 20 plants.

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! Yes you can let them bloom and set fruit indoors. Chilli set fruit when they are ready so be patient it may take time. There should not be any danger in putting them out later they bloom all summer.

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