Update Test Vigoroot 10 litre against average 10 litre pot

I started this test it 23 June. It is now approximately 1.5 months and both of the plants (Moruga Scorpionsn) have received the same treatment in terms of nourishment and water.

This is not a scientific test, but you see the difference. Moruga Scorpion that grows in a normal pot has grown denser and thicker and has set several flowers.

If it's going to be so much better results by growing in Vigoroot pot so it is not yet in my little test.

They may grow further so we'll see what plant that provides most fruit.

To be continued…



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2 Responses to Update Test Vigoroot 10 litre against average 10 litre pot

  1. Niklas Ahlin says:

    I test the airpot and another cloth pot with droppbevatning. And then it grows better than in a regular pot. So it is perhaps a little on how to use them too.

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      fun that you get good results in these pots. I tested the most when it comes to cultivate chillies and I have my opinions about what is best. Curiously, not professional growers using these fabrics and airpot pots if they are so much better 🙂

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