Smoke generator 1.

Then I'm a big fan of BBQ and cooking so I'm going to try me on to smoke fresh chili (Chipotle). There is a small cold smoking box to put in a ball grill to buy but I'll build me a own simple smoke generator (available to buy online from the United States if it wants to)

In simple moves you can to to:


I take a tube of metal that is 25 cm long and 62 mm. in diameter with a removable head at both ends. The lower lid has 4 St. vent to provide oxygen to the coals.

I have a pipe at the top of the tube 3 cm down from the top and a luftpipa opposite where you connect the supply air from a small akvarieluftpump with variable speed so you can regulate the air pressure.

1 cm from the bottom of the tube sits a dense steel mesh so that rökspånen not clogging the air holes in the bottom cover.

How it works then?

Well you take of the lid at the top loading with smoke chips/chips put in the air barrel into the hole and starts air pump. Then to remove the bottom cover and light the wood chips with a butane torch or similar. When the coals have and it smokes at the top of the tube so they put on the lower lid and the upper, then the smoke out through rökpipan.

Inlet air from akvariepumpen creates an air current which sucks air from the 4 air holes in bottom insert that in turn gives oxygen to the coals and press out the smoke by rökpipan.

Now you just have to insert rökpipan into a container which can be a simple cardboard box or a more advanced built tanks which have their shared or whole chili on a rack or behave in a wire or similar and make sure to keep a low temperature, You can cold smoke in temperatures between 10 ° C – 32° C but ideally should be 24 ° C – 26° C. It may take 4 till 10 hours to smoke them.

I will post pictures of my building and tell how things are going so far, I just fixed all parts?


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  1. < a href = "" rel = "external nofollow" class = "url" > < cite class = "fn" > Niklas says:

    Hi, I was very curious about your smoke 🙂 works the good I thought, how long you can smoke with it, and so?

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Niklas! It works great and the time depends on how much air to draw in via akvariepumpen but between 2 – 5 hours with a filling, I passed when I smoked. Furthermore, a new model that is easier, It is complete but not tested yet.

      • Niklas t says:

        but hey that sounds like quite right 🙂
        But what I responded to was all that I found on the internet looks like yours but the tube at the bottom but now I was more curious about your version 2
        you happen to not have any drawing on the ?
        for I intend to begin construction on the job now so you have something useful to do 🙂
        best wishes, niklas

  2. Jimmy says:

    What is funny I stumbled across your site last week , now does it so now I have looked through all projects.
    Last month I built my own low-energy lamp like yours with 2 x 30w in but a bit less they are offcentrum so to speak.
    built your own fittings with 4 t8 with hagen sunglo reflectors and Lo and behold last year or previous will not exactly remember I built a hot/kallrök with a little different design of the smoke generator, we are related or just a sick coincidence haha ??!!

  3. Stig Häggkvist says:

    Hey Jimmy!
    Yes sometimes so happens that strange things! I have a variation to that I built that are similar to yours but I have not uploaded yet then I not tested it fully. I have built the all stainless and I will post it in our when I running the. It was fun to see your video.

  4. Mats says:

    Thinking about what capacity you have on akvariepumpen, myself I tried one on 150 l/h. It tasted smoke if I grilled. Wonder if I'll have a bigger pump?

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! Yes or replace the chips for there is a difference between the different smoke chips when they give different character.

  5. Arne Lindberg says:

    Hey Stig
    I shall build a smoke generator to my röklåda are you drawing on your latest.


    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! does not have a dimensioned drawing but a sketch. You can måttsätta yourself depending on how large you want the.

      • Claes Hydén says:

        Hi! Is on (g) to build a smoke generator. Grateful if you send your sketch.

        With kind regards
        Claes Hydén

        • Stig Häggkvist says:

          Hi! I will mail the sketch I have on my new smoker 🙂

          • Johan says:

            Why not upload the sketch? I also agree that the figure on the optimal and simple smoke generator and you will find many variations on the net but no one seems sufficiently,,, optimal. Otherwise, please feel free to email me also a sketch of your latest work.

          • Stig Häggkvist says:

            Hi! To locate the drawing/sketch and upload it.

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