Then the retraining of the Dorset Naga and Naga Bengle!

Today I have a few plants “Bengle Naga” and “Dorset Naga” then the pots on 10 litre is quite genomrotade. I know it's kinda late now for the retraining of plants but these plants should I Hibernate.

To be really sure that the plants would not be disturbed by this surgery so I contacted Joy at Sea Spring in England (She is a specialist in these chilisorter) and according to her it was no problem.

-“Yes you can always repot without any problem. Dorset Naga and Naga Bengle likes big pots and you will notice it grow really fast.” Best wishes, Joy

At this transplanting in 15 liter pots so I used P-agriculture, It does not contain as much nutrition as U-agriculture and are light and airy so the roots are easy to develop in this peat and soil sandblandade. When it comes to industry so hoses I with nutrient solution (Chilifucus and Biobact Tomato)

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