Winter storage in the basement for my chiliplantor!

Now I have fixed the site for winter storage of my chiliplantor, I have a room next to the boiler room, where the oil tank once stood which I use. It's just 6 plants should be allowed to continue to chilisäsongen 2013 so I just hung up two fluorescent light fixtures.

I use industrial fittings with high power reflectors in order to get as much light as possible down and slightly to the side. In each light fixture, I have two PCs 36W (120 cm) fluorescent lamps, I use fluorescent lamps “polylux XLr F36w 840” These fluorescent lighting works very well both for winter storage and uppdrivning of plants. A fluorescent lamp which I intend to test is “Aquastar T8 36W 120 cm – 10 000 (K)” It should be much better than the tubes that are meant just for plants, It is a tube intended for — aquarium luminaires.

You may be wondering why I don't use Led lighting for plants, It is far too expensive in comparison what you get when it comes to the growth of the seedlings. I have invested in good fluorescent fixtures instead then I would like to highlight a larger surface area.

Upphängeningen by fluorescent light fittings fixed I with hook in the ceiling and then kjedjor down to the adjustable “Easy Rolls” I purchased by very handy when you can easily adjust the height of the fluorescent light fittings. I have a standard timer attached to the lights so I highlight about 14 hours/day

Plants have I put on “Grow Bag – growing tray” model more to when hoses so runs the excess out sometimes. Tickets are purchased on As it is right now, so I keep a temperature of approx. 24 degrees but when all the fruits are ripe to plant rest and then lowers me to ca. 15 degrees.

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