Top chiliplantor a small Reprise!

I have written about this particular with topping before but here is a more detailed description. The plant in the pictures is topped once and has branched into two tribes who now ränt the road again so I tops the a second time.

When to top off their chiliplantor are depending on the variety and its growth. Some chilisorter are vertical, some varieties are more like low shrubs so if you are uncertain of how exactly the chilisort it has grow so do you wait to top it the is about 15 – 25 cm high. The varieties that I usually top are some varieties of c. annuum and c. baccatum. Most of c. chinense does not usually need to be topped.

Where to knippsa of its plant? I generally Snip off at the second or third leaf pair depending on how the plant looks. It is usually not va so important but how I do so tend to be good in the end. Take a pair of scissors and cut off in an appropriate place. Keep in mind that most chiliplantor which one tops blooms later and giving fruit later in the year.

To get nice and “Breda” chiliplantor you have to give the young seedlings as much light as possible it is no. 1. A chiliplanta that represents the dark will go toward the light and be long and lanky.

Keep in mind that if you are going to get nice big chiliplantor it is also kruklans volume and, of course, how it is treated (nutrition and even irrigation and light) that controls the growth and how the plant develops. I usually give the nitrogen rich fertilizers first (Chicken manure) I found kruorna with – It provides growth, and then I turn to Biobakt Tomato and Chilifocus etc.. at a later stage.

“Chicken manure provides fast nutrition with much nitrogen i.e. more growth of leaves and wings”

“Cow and horse manure is slower and gives a good humus content of the soil”

This year I'll also test “Cave Man's Bat Guano” that is an all-natural organic fertilizer free from additives. Gödningsmedlet är fullproppat med kväve, fosfor och nitrater. Available to buy and read about here. “Cave Man's Bat Guano”

Yes it was a little bit of everything in this post but I hope that those of you who asked questions about topping of plants also may benefit from the!

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4 Responses to Top chiliplantor a small Reprise!

  1. Mats says:

    Guano may be organic in a way, But if I have understood correctly, this means yet “production” and the great demand that interferes with fladdermössens life, in a way that is not sustainable. Not quite organically on the other way, thus. But is not it good nutrition.

    Regarding phosphorus it contains well actually not Biobact Tomato or Chilifocus as much phosphorus as one would wish, If you are on to optimize growth as good as possible no matter what it costs, etc.

  2. Stig Häggkvist says:

    Hi Mats!
    Well this organic can discuss, Biobact that runs like an organic nutrient solution is made of a waste product from the pulp production and making paper pulp is not very energy efficient. So what is and is not in actual depends very much what you have for views on organic farming.

    Take this with Led lights, for example, is the ecological? The new technology enables electricity consumption can be reduced significantly, Yes it is true but at the same time contains the new light sources more special materials and a lot of built-in electronics. Many of the materials are not so common and often more unfamiliar and alien ecologically and even more challenging to extract. This is not mentioned in the debate when it comes to Led lighting, Why?

    This is probably not something most people think about but they look only to energy consumption as the lighting requires and how much money it can make changing lamps.

    I just want to clarify that I am not a proponent of Led lighting as a replacement lighting for plants when I get better results in my fluorescent lamps that are significantly cheaper in purchase. Keep in mind that for every penny you'll earn so affects our environment in one way or another, for better or for worse it's depending on how you earn your money…

    Yes you see this with the environmental and ecological can be drawn to the extreme 🙂

  3. Johan says:

    Hey Stig, odd issue like this in the middle of the heat, but perhaps it is approaching anyway August and probably cooler temperatures soon for us without greenhouse. I have very much unripe fruit on the plants while they continue to spread and set new buds. Have cut back on food with high levels of nitrogen now. I wonder if you can top off new growth at the end of the season for plants to focus more on fruit that is already set?

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