What do you use for plant lighting when you pull up your chiliplantor?

LightWave_T5_2ft_4-tubeAs many probably know so I grow under fluorescent lamps and compact fluorescent lamps, Why do I do it? It will not go well for these lights is not optimized for plants.


To grow chili during low-energy light bulbs and fluorescent tubes with correct color code is very good although many says otherwise. Just look at my plants so you can see the result.

What do you use for lighting and what do you get for results? Fun if you would like to share with you here so I may know.

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5 Responses to What do you use for plant lighting when you pull up your chiliplantor?

  1. Bear says:

    To begin with, would like to take this opportunity and thank you for a very good blog. Especially your technology tips and home construction inspires.

    I pondered myself long and hard on plant lighting and came to the front to common Philips 840 lamps. Peeping on Sylvia nia Grolux etc but could not find any evidence that it would provide as mkt better results for “normal” cultivation. Only more expensive fluorescents and fewer lumens. Had an old 2x58W luminaire (with reflector and link suspension) I once bought for a hundred, so it was a fairly inexpensive solution. Of course iofs nothing to compare with … To this I screwed up a score of 45×45-conventions which I also happened to have lying around. Went well for about 10 m I think.

    That T5-armturen you display in your blog seems ridiculously expensive to say the least.

    Also checked the blue-red LED in the shop, from the plantation to Ebay, but it seems to be pure humbug in terms of lumens, lack of information on spectrum and purchase price. Can not pay 3-400 bucks to illuminate a single pluggbox only. Where's your IKEA-skåls-lamp significantly smarter.

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Bear!
      Glad you like my little page! My mammoth light fixture is not that expensive when compared to that it is cheaper than if purchased 2 St. 20W led spts, It costs 2295:- and that includes 8 St. T5 54W 865 tube, just bow costs to buy loose around 1000:- Many don't think about when it comes to Led is precisely that they cover such a small area, move the lights to cover a larger surface area to reduce the impact considerably. Increases the 20 cm from the plants to the 40 cm so reduces the effect of 4 times. Continue to highlight your plants with fluorescent tubes because I know it's a much better light source for chili than Led. OK the Led which works fine but then it will cost the Earth, and therefore, there is no such buying.

      Good luck with your cultivation!

  2. Michel says:

    The absence of seedlings in my dark North-apartment I have got inspiration from your blog to their own lighting and some first stumbling attempts to seed- and sticklings-sowing.

    I bought T5 fixtures at auto parts store:
    1x21W, 46-277 – which fits perfectly in the shelf IVAR of IKEA
    2x54W, 44-792 – that will be the General plant lighting.

    54W fixture will have a reflector made of reflective film (http://www.hydrogarden.se/mylar-diamond)
    The same reflective film will probably clothed inside an IVAR cabinet so that I get a compact little hothouse that is not spread too much light in the rest of the apartment.

    I have Lumilux 840 fluorescent 21W HE to the fixture at the moment, but they complemented enough soon with some other.
    High on the wish list is also to get some pipes to 54W armature.

    Is a little late in the season, so this year it will be the most to get to the equipment and try a little.

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Michel!
      Good luck with your little cultivation, you will surely succeed it's not too late yet to pull up their plants from seed simply hoping for a hot summer.
      Med den belysning du valt kommer du att få fina plantor 🙂

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