Chili Fatalii Jigsaw has matured!

The new chili Fatalii Jigsaw from Finland is now ripe. Is it really as strong as Jukka at says? I'm going to send one of the fruits to Pierre so we can have an opinion on both strength and taste. Some Americans who tested this chili thinks it tastes terrible bad but agree that it is very hot.

Now is your chance to get a Fatalii Jigsaw fruit free sent to your home in the mailbox to test how it tastes and how strong it is.

I raffled a Fatalii Jigsaw fruit has been completed and it was Joakim lindström who get a fruit in the mailbox, Congratulations

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18 Responses to Chili Fatalii Jigsaw has matured!

  1. Micke says:

    Vill gärna ha en för att spela in bästa chili ätar videon till min u tube kanal som kommer ut snart

  2. Regina says:

    Jäkligt sugen att delta, men jag vågar fan inte ge mig på det där monstret, får ju ont bara av att titta på den :p

  3. Carl K says:

    Meeh.. Jag som letade efter en paypal beställningslänk.. 😉

  4. Joakim lindström says:

    Ser najs ut bra sugen på att prova en är det några krav? Typ måste man filma eller något? Kan givetvis ställa upp på sådant me såklart, hur går man tillväga för o få möjligheten att prova på en sådan stygging? ( du har min adress, men om det är struligt att hitta så säg till har ju beställt en chililight av dig me. Skolvägen 5)
    Mvh Jocke

  5. Tobias Berander says:

    Det hade ju vart himla kul att få testa en jigsaw. Kan den verkligen vara så himla mycket värre än en Jolokia eller TS? 😉

  6. Ken klasson says:

    Tänkte bjuda på en fin hemmalagad hamburgare på jobb nu när vi skall grilla på söndag natt 😉 och dressingen behöver lite sting

  7. Peter Soderberg says:

    Jag skulle nog vara värd den då jag haft lite otur? med mina egna chilisar iårsent satta vilket medfört att jag inte ännu fått någon mogen 🙁 så en mogen stark skulle sitta fint. (first year I grow so next year I start enough cultivation as early as January…and just think that I should go for early varieties then.)

  8. Patrick Seeger says:

    Would love to get a fruit with seeds, to see if it can give my Moruga rod! 😉

  9. Carl W says:

    Would like to have it in the first place to get a taste of the fresh to see if the real is so strong that our neighbors stories, then because I of course would make the most of every last seed in this alien fruits to grow on. Then this is the last grade for next year's season as I have not yet got hold of.

  10. Daniel Leto says:

    Definitely something I want to test. The funny thing is that it looks so nasty out!
    Liked the page.

  11. Gustav Kars berger says:

    Feel like I have to sign up to try this monster! Already know how bad it will make. But are still curious.

  12. Michael says:

    It would be fun to test a jigsaw. After that the strongest I have testst is naga jolokia, which I was lucky to buy in the ica store.

    • Johan says:

      VA? where and when? Kilo price/price?

      As fresh fruit? It was in Gotland? I would be surprised if ICA start taking in Naga Jolokia throughout Sweden – One of the better news for a long time! 🙂

  13. Claes Tranell says:

    Missed it would be commented on. _ Of course _ would get the chance to test the plug Jigsaw!

  14. Kevin Tervala says:

    Hick do not know if I dare try…(shudder a little easy) seems to be a real “Scary Movie”.

  15. Goran Falemo says:

    I would also like to have one of the fruits that taste. Otherwise, it would be nice if those who tried could write something about the taste, and I mean not how strong it is, without aroma, fragrance, etcetera and what fit to.

  16. Peter Magnusson says:

    Clearly you want to va with o compete for this!

  17. Annika says:

    Jupp, I want to test! 🙂

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