The tournament how many Dorset Naga fruits picked I'm finished!

Oh so it was many racing fans and guessed the number of Dorset naga fruits that I harvested from my “Racing plant” The correct answer was 108 St. fruits and there was none that dotted the absolutely right but I have appointed the winner who came very close to!

To view how many fruits that's how then lined up all the fruits so you can count the

The lucky winner is Sandman Faucon who guessed at 112 fruit only 4 St. fruits from the correct number of.

Congratulations Sandman Faucon you will now get your profit 10 St fresh hot Dorset Naga fruits. They come in your mailbox.

PS. Right now the plant has given me 32 + 46 + 108 = 186 fruits and more comes as many are still immature and some begin to turn so I hope 250

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