Over 600 visits per day on my little page. I will celebrate by raffle chilifrö to visitors!

No, I thought my little page would be so well attended. I started the page in August 2007 but it was not until spring 2012 as it became more focused on my chiliodling. Always fun to share their experience with regard to chiliodling and be able to look back in time. Now my site an average of 600 visits a day (yesterday 664) so many people have become interested in that particular cultivation of chili is clearly visible. PS. I do not count with search engines.

To celebrate this so I'll draw out 5 seeds of these 3 varieties varieties to the three people by commenting this post give me suggestions on what you would like to know more about this on my site and what you think about page today. I pick out the ones that I think fits best here and that is not already.

These 3 varieties are what you can get in your mailbox.

Trotolino Ambruso yellow (Capsicum annuum) A medium-hot chili that can dry and make a powder of. The plant will be about 60 cm high and can grow on a balcony or in a bright window indoors.

Chilhuacle Negro (Capsicum annuum) A medium-hot chili perfectly to make a tasty chili powder of. A little more unusual chilli which only grows in the area of Oaxaca in southern Mexico.

7 Pot White (Capsicum cinense) A hot chili. The plant provides abundant fruits slowly ripen from pale green to white. A 7Pot which is not as common and as I grow season 2014.

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36 Responses to Over 600 visits per day on my little page. I will celebrate by raffle chilifrö to visitors!

  1. Azad says:

    It would be fun to see Scoville values ​​of the chili that you have on hand. So you know roughly how strong they are.

  2. Lina Laurin says:

    Fun and congratulations on a well-attended side but as they say: ” You get what you deserve” Gör man något bra så så märks det 🙂 Mycket bra läsning finns det redan här. I myself am a farmer with a constant lack of time and is often at the mercy of ready-made solutions. I rarely have time to test me out and put a lot of time on DIY Your lighting test is very good and rewarding to you as quickly need to find out what works and what is worth buying or not. Jag skulle tycka det vore trevligt med motsvarande Standard plantjord test där man kunde få en odlingsjämförelse på plantor som odlas i olika färdiga köpejords sorter 🙂 Kanske ett projekt för kommande vinter 😉

    Otherwise, thanks for the nice and informative site!

  3. Sven Börjesson says:

    Think that is great. Since I am unaware beginners which year resulat clearly indicates, I would have liked to see a structured FAQ page. Not for successful things, but failed cultures.
    Looking for reasons why my crops did not go my way. Got example, not a single aji omnicolor to germinate, got out 2 st poblano five plants etc., still wonder why Nagan not feared until now, etc..
    What I missed along the way.
    Quick troubleshooting guide.
    Thanks for any tips / Sven

  4. Ida Forsberg says:

    Hi! I can honestly say I have not been around at your side as much, but what I have seen of it is very interesting and fun reading! I like people who really devote their time to their interests, and I envy you! I would also like to find a hobby I really enjoy! Very !
    All the best and keep your contacts with chilli! mvh Ida

  5. Jonas says:

    Funny that there are many people who visit the page! 🙂 Jag tror det beror på att du delar med dig av din kunskap om chilis på ett bra och enkelt sätt, that people can relate to and try it for themselves. Many good photos also do feel better!

    The only thing I miss in hand, maybe some chili recipes, eg tips for sauces or other uses. It may be found on page, but I have not found it…

    Continue in the same spirit! 🙂

  6. Ramona K says:

    Viewing your site almost daily to see if something has happened. Very good information for the novice and those who have stayed in a long. I like strong you are curious about you and go to the bottom of various tests – lighting mm. The page is structured is a big pluss.

    What I would like to know more about? I would prefer that you and others in Chili Club often wrote the Scoville points applicable to the Chili plants you write about, especially if it involves a long list of varieties. It need not be exact, it can move on intervals. What to consider “hot”, “mild”, “quite hot” is otherwise very subjective terms. I myself am not the least bit interested in growing “milda” varieties. It's clear you can check for yourself, but I just wish…..
    Keep up the good work!

  7. John Schiller says:

    Congratulations Stig you deserve!!

    Something I'd like to see articles with history behind chilli varieties, as emergence, origin, amusing anecdotes, etc..

  8. Regina says:

    Most of it is already here, but I saw that more mentioned, “scoville lista” and “troubleshoot”.

    Scoville list may be better for the future of the club side, however,, do type a Wiki me information about the varieties we have in the club,
    Name, art, origin, scoville rating (information available), taste descriptions, images in various stages, “chili test” videos mm
    And for the rarer varieties may be information about where to get hold of the seed and in some cases maybe a little notice about the club that has seeds / fruits (if they want to exchange information)

    But ungf SHU number of varieties described would be nice.

  9. Anette K says:

    Really nice site I often visit. Lack not so much, some recipes might?

  10. Britta Svensson says:

    Congratulations Stig and thanks for all the knowledge that you share with you and all the work you put into the club. I planted my first chilli at the end of Jan 13 and am using your site as a reference. Since I'm so new and has a small hobby farming can I basically what I need there, if not, the question of chilli club participants. I await your book about chili cultivation!!

  11. Haralambos Amanatiadis says:

    Hey Stig.
    Even I, as many began my “chilikarriär” by grunligt read your posts this site. Your advice saved my whole chilli cultivation at the beginning of the year.

    On your side is that you are also very interested in cooking. So I miss the page, partly recipes for sauces and seasonings, but also recipes for dishes. 🙂 vilka frukter passar till vad osv.

  12. A wonderful side of this and a large flow of information. What really would “spicy up” side would be maybe a chili database.

  13. Stefan "Ztubben" Hill says:

    What I would like to see more out of the tests, you seem to try a lot of chilli-related stuff (Land, light & fertilizers etc.).
    Although a comprehensive info from seed to fruit would be interesting to some to think about every step.
    Has managed to keep alive my plants this summer but unfortunately did not receive any return and am confident that I have done something wrong.
    Would ask me at every turn, but do not want to be a nuisance as a list “chili culture for dummies” had suited me.

  14. Annika Lindqvist says:

    I think you have a lot of interesting and useful information on the page. What I would like is more about different kinds of vermin, and combating them.

  15. Martin says:

    Some nice recipes would be nice to see.

    Have a nice day.

  16. Ann-Lis Hermansson says:

    A lot of useful and fun side to visit. Öskningar were an alphabetical list of varieties and photos as well as taste o strength. Moreover, another sorting, that one can choose, for example, mild and listed all mild in alphabetical order, etc.. It's different to what they are looking for different times as it is flexible is very good. For example, one might make the man “clicking” a headline in a column in the table sorts according to the. Something else that would be nice would be a “Time to do now” – type calendar, so you can keep track of when to so the different varieties, etc..

  17. LILO says:

    As other written a breakdown in mild-moderate-het dunderhet. I keep myself happy in the middle of this scale.
    Maybe a little of what you use all your fruit to, I who still eat a lot, can not for my wildest imagination understand how you can spend all you grow.
    Alltid när jag berättar om chiliklubben nämner jag Nestorn Stig 🙂

  18. Stefan Anderberg says:

    I found this very informative site when I was looking for a plant light for my wife in the spring, and the information I found here was very interesting because I myself is a real DIY:are.
    So interesting that I started reading about your chili cultivation also which I thought of earlier.
    This gave me fortatte SOA infomation on chilli cultivation and return to your side now and then, and in fact this made me so interested that I plan to start up with self-cultivation in February.
    The funny thing is that I am one morning for a while, then sat and read Corren and saw a story about a Chili Growers around me.
    Read and tore out the article when there was a websdress to his blog. Döm om min förvåning när jag såg var jag hamnade 🙂

    What I would like to read more about what the different varieties suited to cooking context.
    Although happy, as many have already mentioned, recipes and strength.
    Would love to see more about projects like this before on belyningsarmaturer but also a bit of temperature control and irrigation systems if it is something that you use.

    Now I am looking forward to start my own cultivation!

  19. Kevin Tervala says:

    You have a great site with tips o tricks!
    A troubleshooting guide would be fun with pictures as the leaves may look at certain nutritional deficiencies, Too close to the light source M.M..

  20. Peter Soderberg says:


    You already have a good side but you could add more information about the disease and the beast that affects chilli. ( preferably with pictures so you can see how it looks.) Then I estimated the course recipe and what chilis to suit any dish. Then I see that you seem to build light settings etc. so drawings can surely be good too. Many greetings Peter

  21. Katarina says:

    Your site is so informative and easy-so I understand very well why it is so popular.

    What I would like is the two tabs at the top. One with tips on how to take advantage of chilli fruits after harvest – drying, pulverisering m m. The second tab would be your favorite recipes for dishes with chili.

    regards Catherine

  22. Micke says:

    Taking up the thread from another grower here before. You should do a book. I write a lot o has published a couple böcker.stället happily up and write down your story.

  23. Thomas Smith says:

    Agree with Stefan winger
    A database sorted on the nature of power plant height light / svåodlad etc.

  24. stephen dunkley says:

    I would like to know more about topping with some pictures and even a video. also a more detailed watering one from seed to harvest type because some people still have problems watering.

  25. stephen dunkley says:

    also I think your page is wonderful. its an inspiration to new growers like me and more detailed and informative than all other sites

  26. Michael says:

    Hi, ended up here when I was looking around at different chili pages!!, about what to do with the harvested chili – and how.
    Rosta Dry-Freezing etc..
    Now I have not had time to read through everything on your side … yet. So you have no idea what, how to store the harvested chili, I miss this and we welcome suggestions.
    Now I'll continue to read your blog.
    “He who seeks shall find answers”

  27. Patrik Lagerstedt says:

    This is a great site with very good information. What I, however, may lack is a little more and new things you can find on his harvest. Many species are the right productive.

  28. Would like to know more about the lighting test, what happened then?

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Regarding the light test that I performed in various Led lighting to fluorescent lamps and CFLs so there was no point lighting that was better than fluorescent lamps and CFLs. There are some Led lights that gave the same results as when using fluorescent tubes and CFLs. Note that I'm testing watt to watt then all lights have the same power consumption. I have started a new test with the new LED lighting info coming soon.

  29. Michelle says:

    Happy little focus on all the different names we talk about through Facebook. Ex. from chilihead.se “Naga Jolokia” Other names for this chili is including Nagahari, ' Bhut Jolokia ', Bih Jolokia, Borba, Raja Mircha, Raja Chilli, Chili, Mircha, Naga Moresh, Naga Morich and Tezpur.
    For the rest of you so my question to Stig this “As I understand it, the Naga Morich and Dorset Naga be the same chili? Why choose to have different names?” As a beginner, so I hung not with this but got a very good response from Stig:
    “Dorset Naga is a variant of the Naga Morich processed in England so it works better in some harsh climate and that it gives even greater harvest of fruit, so it is not the same as the original Naga Morich but it is what is the origin from the beginning.”

  30. Pia Johansson says:

    great site, beautiful pictures and lots of advice. Being new in chilli cultivation.
    It's probably all I need.
    It would be good with any kind of grouping with how strong is the chilli.
    Best wishes,. also

  31. Svanhil Rörset says:

    Härligt att hitta andra chili-tokiga som jag 🙂 Är ganska ny i detta trevliga odlandet, but the chile is with me to stay. Found your site now and will look in now and then for tips and ideas, good to have a pro to compare their own plants with. I want to see if there are some who might replace seeds with might? You will find the favorites retrospect, and it's those you love to talk about to friends and acquaintances and those you love to use in food, etc.. This, I look forward to reading me on your side and I probably have a lot to go through, I. Looking forward to pleasant moments with pad and chile reading on your side Stig. Thanks so far

  32. Jonas Lindqvist says:

    Would like to know more about the culture in tents, if anyone has experience with light-isolated areas and ventilation! Do everything except the seeds so please let me be been drawn! <3

  33. Anders says:

    Very good site!
    Like building projects that provide great inspiration and guides are unbeatable! Would be nice to see some more recipes eg. chutneys, sauces etc..

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! Glad you like my little page. There are several construction projects, and I'll post a recipe page.

  34. Anna M says:

    How fun! Congratulations!
    Your site is very informative and clear. Have just started with chili and have probably been in here a couple of times a day to double check something.
    So incredibly fun and exciting with chili. Have chilli in the most at home. It was only when I visited Chili garage Nyhamnslaege last summer that I realized that I should cultivate myself at home. Have been lucky and get an apartment with a large roof terrace so now chilioas there in the summer.
    Thanks for all your advice and for a nice page.

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