Now all the fruits harvested from my “Racing plant” Dorset naga!

today so I took the opportunity to harvest the last fruits from my contest plant. It was a lot of fruits this time of mixed sizes. I could certainly allowed the less be around for a while but then I soon will close greenhouse for this season so it was better to pick them right now.

How many fruits I picked today? Well I got together the whole 139 St. so in total this plant missions from seed in december 2012 given me 60 + 108 + 139 = 307 St. red hot chillies.

How far it is enough in the contest, I have no idea but I'm more than satisfied then I in my wildest imagination could not imagine that I would come up in the 300 fruits.

Seeds of course I have taken from these fruits and only from the largest finest fruit exemlaren so next year when the Devils should I should I try to beat my own record.

PS. I will announce this on my page what I'll get for placing in the contest. I hope you keep your fingers crossed for me and my plant. The contest will end on 15 November 2013.

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6 Responses to Now all the fruits harvested from my “Racing plant” Dorset naga!

  1. Awesome job, are all thumbs.

  2. Carl J says:

    Bra jobbat Stig! I immediately became excited to try a Dorset Naga myself to see what I can come up in. Did you do something special with the plant in addition to the usual care? With special I mean, Topped it for more branches or similar? Good luck in the contest


    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hello Carl!
      No I don't but I topped the plant removed all the branches that are growing inward at the beginning to plant would get top performance with light. Moreover, it was not to come out in the greenhouse than in July as it has never been exposed to cold without my 20 degrees at night. It has also been less N, and more when it got to PK it out so it has bloomed and fruited over expectation. Dorset Naga is a thankful kind if you want many fruits.

  3. Johan says:

    The huge plant!!! Delicious!

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