Nu har det gått 29 days in the test between Led vs low energy 18W 20W

Nu har det gått 29 days since the test began and there's no doubt about what I think is the best lighting of these two options if it wants to push up chiliplantor. If you want to push up their plants in led lighting so I would recommend a lighting with blue and white led. Please note that this is about uppdrivning of chiliplantor not about growing chilies indoors.

I'm a little amazed that so many spots on the Web can read that these lights with lots of red and a little blue led light to be so superior good. They are, in my opinion, not so good for uppdrivning of chiliplantor but it is even better to drive up the seedlings under fluorescent lights and CFLs with the correct colour code that is also cheaper in purchase. Do not draw the fluorescents and CFLs more enerigi then? No they don't do that so the market argument not.

Note: It has been shown that some Led lighting for plants are not at all give the power/energy to the plants as you would expect. The led light bulb I'm using in this test, it is on the only 18W but gives 10, 9W and this is apparently to the lamp should last a long time. I find it a bit to be fooled but want to know the real effect is not what the light would be able to deliver if it went on full power.

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  1. Andreas says:

    Hi, I came to your blog by chance.
    Before you completely dissociating the LED illumination so you should try a lamp to. Unfortunately, I think you are using an inferior quality lamp that is not close to live up to what they promise. It is, unfortunately, these lights you can find where they are sold LED belyning bargain.

    I myself am in the business and see daily how much LED the Junk there is!

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Andreas!

      I have tested many led lighting for plants and get varying results but it has so far not been someone who has been better than fluorescent lamps/compact fluorescent bulbs when it comes to uppdrivning by chiliplantor. If you have an led lighting that you think may give better results than with fluorescent lamps/compact fluorescent lamps with the same effect so please feel free to send one to me. Would it be better as I promise you that I buy it. I start a new test with different led lights for approx.. 2 veckor.

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