Update of exprimentet with chiliplantor in large pots!

The 2 January 2014 I planted 3 St. Bengle Naga plants in 3 St. different
pot size. 2 litres- 10 litres- 20 liters to see how much impact the pot
size has on plant development. It's been almost 6 weeks and seedlings
grows well and currently has evolved in the same way in terms of size, etc.
In theory, so should the plants in 10 and 20 liter pots soon grow from the plant
in the smallest pot.

This small experiments to find out if you can avoid multiple omskolningar
and thus interfere with the plant as little as possible. The normal way to school I if 4 times.
during the plant's life span.

When to plant a small chilplanta in a big pot, you have to be förskiktig when
It dilutes the. I do not recommend that beginners use large pots in the early years of the plant's life. As a beginner, it should be school on in several stages which is the conventional model for success.

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