Pimenta da neyde a beautiful and hot chili from Brazil grow well!

Pimenta da neyde is a cross between c. chinense and c. annuum and are originally from Brazil. Both the stems and foliage are getting pretty violet colored elements. Even the rewards will be Dark purple.

Det som är unikt med denna sort är att frukterna behåller sin djupt lila färg även som mogna. Smaken är fruktigt aromatisk med inslag av citron och exotisk frukt.

Plantorna kan bli stora och höga men i liten kruka passar de även utmärkt på fönsterbrädan. Av frukterna kan man göra ett hett lila chilipulver.

I år driver jag upp ett 20 number plants. En ska jag behålla själv resterande får följa med till Stockholm i mars till mässan Nordisk Trädgård 2015.


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4 Responses to Pimenta da neyde a beautiful and hot chili from Brazil grow well!

  1. Emmy says:

    Åh en sån vill jag också ha! 😀

  2. Christoffer says:

    Hey Stig!
    Jag har en fråga, nästan alla mina fröer har grott i pluggbrätte och svampkuber, they are about 2 cm and have all 1 bladpar. The remains of the cubes kept easy moist with diluted rotstimulator and 2 comp-nutrition. They stand 15 cm below a amatur with 3×36 w Osram Floura tubes with light 14-16 h/day.
    However, everything ground to a halt and they stand completely still and have done so for over a week, certainly not a millimeter or hint to next bladpar. What can I do? They are cooler now, without heat and without cover in the day, Cap on after watering and face the night.

    With kind regards Christoffer

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! Remove the cover on the nights they like to have a little cooler at night. They are going to get and grow to be patient. When they had their real leaves (character sheet) can you recycle the soil in pots. The first 2 the leaves they get are heart leaf.

  3. Therese says:

    Jeez what a beautiful chili!

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