Välj rätt växtbelysning till din hobbyodling!

What is best for plant lighting is not always the most expensive solution. For my own part I am using fluorescent lighting with great success.
Led lighting are all very well but it is not better and not much more effective than T5 fluorescent lamps.

Choose lighting for your needs. Ärndu window grower to fit an LED ramp attached at the top of the Bay window well and provides effective directional light. An LED lamp in a stylish light fixture does well to highlight plants in the living room but select a lamp that does not have that nasty red blue disco light.

The red and blue LED light would be more effective a white LED's anyone reading about over all, but is it really so? No not in my experience a white LED light is at least as good and in some cases better.

Fluorescent and compact fluorescent bulbs that even it is a fluorescent lamps but in a different form to be effective must sit in a good light fixture so that the light is directed downwards. More fluorescent light fixtures work best in areas where you do not spend time daily.

To save energy by using LED as plant lighting is a tall tale. T5 fluorescent lamps does not draw more power than what today's LED lights do. Many believe that the LED is some kind of miracle lighting where you can insert 5 Watts and find out, for example, 40 Watt energy to the plants but it is of course not. 5 Watts is 5 Watts and nothing more, even if it has a blue and red light.

The higher the effect it has on its lighting, the better the growing plants. For the plants to get off to a good start in life so recommended ca. 100 watts/m2 and it is regardless of the type of lighting there are no short cuts.

Are you going to buy LED lighting for plants, so keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Ask how many micromoles/watts/m2 light gives it to you find out because otherwise you do not know how effective the lamp is. At least 2.0 micromoles/watts/m2 should the lamp deliver.

Good and affordable fluorescent light fixtures for plants and lampshades can be found here. Sneckenströms Eco-Trade

Good and affordable fluorescent light fixtures for plants is also available here. wexthuset.com

Good LED spot and ramps can be found here. Venso ecosolution

Led by fan and LED lamps can be found here. Green Light AB

Cheap LEDs and a small T5 light fixture with reflector can be found here. Pepps Shop

Here you can see a video where I show different lighting options.

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10 Responses to Välj rätt växtbelysning till din hobbyodling!

  1. Pelle says:

    Watt is well just consumption and nothing you can compare how much light is radiated?

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! It depends on the light source where one can use Watts as a benchmark. A light bulb of 60W do not provide much light per watt as most of the energy is spent to create heat. It's the same with fluorescent lighting, LED, HPS and MH lamps but where it gets more light per watt. To know if a light source is effective for crops so you have to know how many micromoles per watt and a light source provides. Photosynthetically Active Radiation (COUPLE) Watts. PAIR refers to the spectrum of light used by plants in photosynthesis, and is measured in micromoles per square meter per second to produce a photosynthetic photon flux density (PPF or PPFD). You can Read more about växtljus here:

  2. Susanna says:

    Hey Stig!
    Jag tänkte köpa växtbelysning nu till mina småplantor som jag driver upp, men håller på att bli tokig på all info överallt. Kan du rekommendera ett par stycken lysrörsaramturer samt ett par LED armaturer som du tycker fungerar bra? Det känns som det enda sättet att få klarhet i det hela 🙂

    Ha en fin dag!
    Best wishes,

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hej ja det är en djungel med massa olika uppfattningar om vad som är bra växtljus. Att rekommendera armaturer är svårt då de finns i så många olika prisklasser. Jag kan rekommendera lysrör och LED med vitt ljus och bra effekt, skippa LED med röd-blå discoljus. The effect is depending on the area you want to highlight. Approx. 100W m2 (100x100cm) is a good benchmark. To highlight an area of 50×50 cm so 50W good etc. When it comes to the armature so it is important that the light is directed downwards. The bottom line is that ordinary decent cheap fluorescent lighting with good effect works great, hot or cold light, choose the plants care not. If you give me more info on the surface you want to highlight and if it makes any sense how the lighting aesthetic looks, I can recommend you one or several different plant lights available to buy.

      • Susanna says:

        At the moment it is light to illuminate my plants as I pull up from seed. Because they need extra lights for some time, it will most likely be on a surface 1 times 1 FT. Recommendations for areas of 1 × 1 m and 2 × 2 m, I would be grateful to receive! Aesthetically, it doesn't really matter because the plants living on a kitchen table in a Bay window.

        • Stig Häggkvist says:

          Hi. I recommend the fluorescent lamps or CFLs calculate about 100W m2. If there are fixtures for plants or ordinary fluorescent fixtures don't matter. Fluorescent lighting is cheap and good, they are named 840 that is the light color, see where you can buy fluorescent lamps as it is commonly.

      • Olof says:

        If you count on 100w on 100x100cm so surely 50x50cm be 25w? It is the area that counts

  3. Emma F says:

    I've looked a lot on your website and the weakling is grateful that I found here! I want plant lighting for plant breeding to ca 4 M2 and would rather not hang the lights on the ceiling (to avoid damages to the). Thinking of using racks/stands. Already own two regular old fluorescent fittings with two fluorescent lights in each one meter, and a fluorescent luminaire for fluorescent lamps with reflector that is 1,5 FT. In the latter, it says 65 W. It's not very… Tor you that this may be enough for my needs, or do you recommend something else? If I purchase T5 luminaires, How do I know which T5 I should buy? Do you think the little poses to plant lighting that is available on most growing companies can work? Aesthetics is not important for me, but I want to be able to pick off everything when the plants moved out.

    Sincerely, Emma

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