Nu är mina chiliplantor på plats i växthuset.

All my plants are allowed to grow further in the greenhouse is now in place. Omsk0lade in Rölundas rosjord that I mix with compost soil and little Azomite. In the ground around the edge so I found with P-K granules which resolves out slowly throughout the production period. I use a fertilizer from the Biolan P-2 K-12.

Fosfor(P) promotes knoppsättningen. Kalium ((K)) the need is increasing as the plant produces flowers and fruits. Potassium is very important for the fruit-setting and fruit quality.

I now also reduces the Nitrogen (N) When too much nitrogen may result in small and poorly developed fruits and flowers. Nitrogen I give in liquid form every time I water.

This year, I use liquid nutrition of make Empathy Seaweed Grow that contains some nitrogen but also phosphorus and Potassium. It is available to buy here Sneckenströms Eco-Trade

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