Now start my chilisäsong 2017

Better late a never, Yes so late is not to start now. This year I start with flit a bit later
Not to my plants grow over my head before they may come out in the greenhouse
at the beginning of may.

This year, I grow Carolina Reaper again but now the dark Variant. Many argue about
It really is a CR but I don't care if I grow it to see what it becomes
and because it's fun with new varieties.

Would you take the chance to get some seed of this Chocolate Reaper so comment on my
post here. I draw a winner of all comments on Wednesday 1 February 2017.

The lucky to get a few seeds of Chocolate Reaper was Helena Degerstedt



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48 Responses to Now start my chilisäsong 2017

  1. Street says:

    Starta samma dag som dig såg jag på fb så då ligger man ju bra på det 🙂 tack för all info här o i din grupp

  2. Ken K says:

    Would have been fun o test this.

  3. Marthin Jönsson says:

    Would be fun to try these!

  4. Stefan Lövdahl says:

    Skulle vara kul att prova på att odla den 🙂

  5. Daniel says:

    Good luck, hot it will get whatever it actually is?

  6. Marcus J says:

    Excited to try new fruits!

  7. Monica says:

    Always fun to try new, although I do not have so many chilli varieties than.

  8. Rickard says:

    Looks like a brown CR anyways. Take care Stig

  9. Jennie Rose says:

    I test out some of the seeds. 🙂
    Hello from Jennie

  10. Sylvia Stark says:

    Looks exciting! Är gärna med i utlottningen 🙂
    Are they as strong as the usual Carolina Reaper?

  11. Joakim Reinius says:

    I'm happy with the draw

  12. Peter says:

    I am extremely excited to try these. And it would be fun to compare the plants while the rest of you who put these. 🙂

  13. Karl Marklund says:

    Hope it goes well! I grow myself a bunch more fun variations (Aji Pineapple, Hot Apple, Aji White Fantasy…) 🙂 Trångt på 24m2 men I make it work!

  14. Deepa K says:

    Good luck! 🙂
    My season started with chinense in between days, usually start at the end of feb. Men har fortfarande plats för en sort till 🙂

  15. Anna N says:

    Oh, keep your fingers crossed that you happen to drag my name, tested original 2016 and it was not to be trifled with. Like However, the darker the fruit more visually, so this test I gladly ?

  16. Peter says:

    Looks good.
    Good luck with growing this year.

  17. Oscar says:

    Hi! Have emailed you a question regarding växtbelysnig, you've got mail? 🙂
    Greetings, Oscar.

  18. His L. O says:

    Would love to win some seeds! Would have been fun to grow above the Arctic Circle!

  19. Maths W says:

    Yes thank you:)

  20. David S says:

    Fun with new varieties, master chili.

  21. Mats says:

    Began oxå season right now, 24 plants, consisting of 13 varieties were the.
    There is always room for one more:-)

  22. Mikael Svarre says:

    Reaper! Mums?

  23. Sonja K says:

    New variety for me ?

  24. Zarsa says:

    Were extremely fun to try to cultivate this variety and see what it can become! Has just started to grow, and has stuck to try varieties that may not be as usual and think where this fits in perfectly. This rascal would fit in nicely among including Kathumby Black and wild chilli! Jag håller tummarna för att du väljer just mig 🙂

  25. Michael Plate says:

    As a beginner, it had been an honor to get some seeds of masterpieces :-).

  26. Johan says:

    Mmm chilli and chocolate!

  27. Anders says:

    This seems exciting!

  28. Thomas Eriksson says:

    Today I soaked 98 seeds. Half are hot and the other half are mild. Hade varit kul att testa denna också 🙂

  29. David stenlund says:


  30. Bengt habba says:

    Är en förskingring inom odling men försöker vinna ett frö ändå 😉

  31. Jan Kvarnström says:

    Kul med dina utlottningar Stig 🙂
    On sometime you win maybe

  32. Samuel Gunnar Farm says:

    Will it be so, I will be house-building plant in the spring, Perhaps it can be anyway!!!

  33. Lars A2z says:

    I would really like to try. Convinced that you will get many hot fruits on the Trail when you can yours.

  34. Scamp says:

    Lets go!

  35. Karin says:

    Would be fun to try, like brown chilisar such Chokolat scotch bonnet. Has grown carolina reaper, really too strong but fun to grow ☺

  36. Anna says:

    Would be great to have the honor of testing this kind ???
    Chilli cultivation has begun also for me this year, each had fun that so few new varieties.

  37. Björn Ramqvist says:

    Looking forward to this season in your greenhouse!
    I myself am a little disappointed with my taste buds now, so the CR had been a good part of my little hobby farming. 🙂

  38. Martin says:

    Stig is best, no protest! ??

  39. Martin says:

    Good luck with the season! Hade gärna petat ner ett par frö brun CR här i den Skånska myllan 🙂

  40. Annika Ludvigsson says:

    It sounded really exciting? Gladly participate in this sweepstakes!!

  41. Linda says:

    Has started my season already and has mostly strong varieties. Would therefore also fun to see what this would be:)

  42. Dennis says:

    It had been sitting nicely among all other seeds ☺?

  43. Tina Jacobsson says:

    These, I would really like to grow!!!

  44. < a href = "" rel = "external nofollow" class = "url" > < cite class = "fn" > Niklas says:

    How fun! Grow for the first time the CR now this year – had every exciting to compare!

  45. Helena Degerstedt says:

    A chocolate variant CR… I want to really love to try!!! How exiting!

  46. Theodor says:

    Have aimed a little milder varieties this year. But this would have been very funny to test.

  47. Robbo says:

    Let the taste determine whether it is genuine take a bite, you're not going to miss an opportunity?
    Come on, run on, and let's find out the answer.

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