Prime grilling in Verona murgrill

Today it was time to test the wall Grill Verona from Landmann. Then I think the briquettes will give good and even heat so I lit on a half-full Brikettändare (Pipe lighters) with briquettes, which then had to stand about 20 minutes and be ready for the grill. I spread the briquettes on one side of the grill for brikett/in kolgallret be able to have better control of the heat, It's great to be able to move it roasted to a place that's not so hot for the grille sits only about 25 cm over the glow bed if you have the lattice on the top seam.

It was grilled today was chicken breast on skewers, hot sausages, Bacon, Peppers and goat cheese stuffed fresh Jalapenos. Cooking went as I expected, in other words, very good, It was easy to grill on this murgrill. Grills to larger pieces of meat that takes longer then just spreading glow bed and not have something in the Middle, then put the meat in the middle on the grid, If you want övervärme to use metal foil as “roof” by putting it over meat scraps.

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