Make your own chili pullver!

I have an electric dryer that I can wipe my chillies but the use I to the chillies that have slightly thicker flesh. I dry many of my chilisar by wood on a thread and then hang them up. Today it was time to pick down two kinds of chiles that have been dry hanging on wires from the ceiling.

I have a “Magic Bullet” It is a small mixer with a knife for grinding it's super good to grind chilies in. It's just adding in the dried chili in container and then cut them into smaller pieces. I maler everything then aim chili through a fine strainer to get a nice pullver, you get served on tap, What is not coming through the SIL males again and then sifted o.s. v.

Here's the chili Cayenne and the yellow chili Star Flame that I make a chilipullver of. I keep my chilipullver in lightproof tin cans and then mix a variety of chilipullver to get just the mix I want. I assign my pullver to BBQ Rub and marinades for grilling, etc..

PS. If you do not aim the minced Chili, you get chiliflakes if you do not will grind it all so hard.

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