Led lighting for plants or the right custom fluorescent lamps?

Led lighting or the right custom fluorescent lamps, which is better for Chili hobby grower?

I have tried to answer the question about LED lighting is much better in terms of chiliväxternas growth than if you are using the correct custom fluorescent lighting when you power up,grow chiliplantor. The issue has not been easy to get answers to!


  • Led lighting for plants to be energy-efficient, according to many, is it really the?
  • To grow quality products should be as close to the Sun as possible, pass the point of doing it while being energy efficient?
  • A narrow spectrum LED usually gives, it is good for chiliväxter or is it so that the plants are the best of a wide range which you can get by combining various custom fluorescent lamps?
  • One can say that LED lighting is better than the right custom fluorescent lighting if you want to power up and hobby grow chiliväxter?

To get answers to many of these questions, I am going to do a study in which I will give my experimental plants exactly the same conditions except for the light they will be under. I start in november 2012

It will be very interesting to see if I can finally find answers to my questions that no one could or might not want to answer!

You can follow my study here on my page where I will post pictures, etc. and tell me how it goes.

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8 Responses to Led lighting for plants or the right custom fluorescent lamps?

  1. Stoffe says:


    Are you trying to get a light that mimics the Sun as much as possible then you should have a light source that is called “Daylight” or like with high kelvin numbers as well as a high RA value.

    6000K or more
    RA on over 90 or more

    Good luck! 🙂

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      The lighting today mimic the Sun's best Plasma lighting but it's too expensive so far for us hobby growers, CA. 11.000:- for the cheapest lighting at 300W. Well then the higher the RA value, the better the color rendition in the tube but it does not bar the I want to access but I want to have a wide range of colors like the Sun and where is 36w Philips TLD 840 better than most other fluorescent lamps. What you look at is the PUR value (PUR-efficiencies. Values in microEinsteins/Joule) The higher the value the better.

      This is PUR values for the two pipes with color codes 840 and 965 and an output of 36W

      Philips TLD840 36w, 3350LM: 0.83

      Philips TLD965 36w, 2100LM: 0.60

      • Jonatan says:

        Hey Stig!

        Just thought to share with you some experience regarding LED, Plasma and HID lamps.

        I have personally grown chili part with led. among other things, 90W ufo from a Swedish company (will not remember the name) and Apollo led 8 240w with 2w diodes.

        Chiliplantorna grew up nice and bushy in the joint, but they lacked the ability to produce especially large number of flowers and fruits. I think clearly that the led is not worth the price. my Apollo 8 240w cost about 4000:-. My 400w hps for about € 100 performed much better, and thought a larger surface area.

        When it comes to Plasma bulbs so I have no personal opinion, but a customer of mine who bought a gavita 300 LEP tested to grow up some Orange habanero which he said grew and produced fruits very well, but not far from what an HP supplied.

        Today, there are some very nice digital ballasts for hid lighting and special hps lamps with ca 10% Blue light and 90% red light which I personally think is the best options today.

        Jag håller just nu på med ett experiment där jag jämför hps/mh/led och kommer så snart det är klart lägga upp det på bloggen 🙂

        • Stig Häggkvist says:

          Hi! The HPS is good I know but most hobby growers cannot have the lights indoors because it generates so much heat and provide an extremely unpleasant glow. In the case of kelvin or color temperature so it has very little significance according to my tests. Works just as well with hot and cold light.

  2. Ola Johansson says:

    Led lighting is just in its development the rock so far, While fluorescent tubes are fairly well developed.

    Not too many years ago, it was much more difficult to get hold of fluorescent lamps with sense light spectrum with.
    (My experience of this comes mostly from the Aquarium-the world)
    I would think that it does not linger too long before we can buy LED bulbs, that is significantly more energy efficient than fluorescent lamps as technology seen, in just the light colors we are also.

    Best Wishes,/Ola

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! Yes, go ahead and LED will be better. But as it is today, it is only the professional RANKS for plants that turn T5 fluorescent tubes give approximately 2-2,5 micromoles/watt and T5 gives about 2,0 micromoles/watt. The LED that is sold to us hobby growers are usually not up to standard and are in bad quality. Most running on half power so a 36w spot only 18w out but they speak not about. The only thing that I think is serious is VENSO EcoSolutions LTD. They say that it is and has the knowledge needed. Their lighting is good but only T5 fluorescent lamps.

  3. Tore Holmberg says:

    Hey Stig.
    So nice that as a subscriber to “nature&Garden” stumbled on your website. I grow not chili without
    summer flowers and have been in doubt as to the “growlight quattro 30w” which I bought last fall, but returns to the fluorescent lamp in fixture similar picture 1 in your description but 120 cm. When you think they have to be as good as
    growlight. I change my old pipe against Master TLD super 36w 840-120 cm if you don't recommend ngt other. My growing bed is 120×64 cm. It is certainly hot at 30 cm height but ok. Maybe you can install ngn small fan. For quattro, I will try the furnace less drivlåda.
    Becomes an exciting Spring

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! Growlight Quattro from Venos are a good LED lighting from a reputable company but the result was no better than when using fluorescent tubes. In some situations perhaps LED fits better and then I recommend their LED ramp with white and blue LED or just white LED. In a window so back door is the LED option better suited than fluorescent lamps as the light is more directed downwards. I continue to grow under fluorescent lights since they for me gives a good result was a relatively inexpensive peng.

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