Plant Led lighting in red, Blue and white!

Now, I've been running one of my small stations with Led lighting for plants. This is actually the lighting on the Mini Plant Factory. Lighting the arch came from VENSO EcoSolutions LTD, I've got to test it on chiliplantor. I myself have been build during edet as it now stands a self watering tray on. A very smooth tile that you can buy at

Many Suffered belysnigar have a very annoying red light and is not very nice to be indoors but this particular arc has 4 White diodes, 3 Blue diodes and 11 Red. You can choose to only have the red light (b phase) or the blue and white (plant phase) or to all colors switched on at the same time (Full spectrum) If you have any color light you will get a pleasant light and then it is no problem to have this lighting for example. the kitchen or the living room.

How chili plants thrive and develop in this lighting will the info about when I made my study complete. This is one of two plant led lights that I'm going to test and compare with fluorescent lighting.

Some data:

LED: 1W, Hi-Power PG LED
Power consumption:30W
Input voltage: AC100 ~ 245V, 50/60Hz
LED Wavelength: 430NM ~ 440nm, 660NM,670NM

Read more about the Mini Plant Factory here: VENSO EcoSolutions LTD

Here are the smart and affordable self watering tray

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