So I give my chili nutrition!

There is a lot of food prepparat in trade and many ideas about what is good. I always found my potting directly into pot with granulated chicken manure when I plant for my chiliplantor to the final pot size (10 – 20 liters.) Depending on the chiliplanta it is.

I even use liquid nutrition as I add water, I hoses with a dose of Chilli Focus and Biobact Tomato. It has worked very well for me. Biobact contains a soil improver with active microorganisms that loosens up the soil and make it easier for plant roots to absorb nutrients. During the outdoor season so I add about. 2,5 ml per litre of water. Chilli Focus contains the nutrients that a chiliplanta need to feel good.

So here I offer my chili the floating industry Chilli Focus.

I'm starting to give my little plants nutrition 1 times. a week from the time I planted them in small 8 cm plant pots. I mixes 5 ml. (one teaspoon) Chilli Focus with 1 litres of water and give them a small dose of this mixture 1 Once a week. If my plants turns out to be dull so I increase the dose to 2 times a week. I give my seedlings this weekly dose until they come to bloom stage.

When the plants put flowers and to develop fruits so do I increase the dose of Chilli Focus to 10 ml. (2 teaspoons per litre of water. I give them this nutrition 1 – 2 times a week depending on how the plants look. You can safely give them this nourishment up to 4 times a week but rarely needed.

Although chiles are doing relatively well with general nutrition, so I think I got a very good result with this nutrition. Green, lush and healthy plants and very good harvest.

I hoses with plain water first and then a dose with water not be rinsed out industry then I have holes in the bottom of my pots.

List of ingredients: Chilli Focus

Nitrogen (N) 2.98
Nitrate nitrogen 2.80
Ammoniacal nitrogen 0.18
Phosphorus pentoxide
(P2O5) water soluble (P) 0.97 (0.42)
Potassium oxide (K2O) ((K)) 4.39 (3.65)
Calcium oxide (Cao) (CA) 2.20 (1.57)
Boron ((B)) 0.0108
Cobalt (Co) 0.0006
Copper (CU) chelated by EDTA 0.0014
Iron (Fe) chelated by EDTA 0.0396
Manganese (MN)
chelated by EDTA 0.0131
Molybdenum (MO) 0.0012
Zinc (Zn) chelated by EDTA 0.0036
Also contains: magnesium, sulphur,
nickel, humic acid and fulvic acid.

Chilli Focus is buying packages from 1 DL to 5 liters.. You can buy Chilli Focus here:

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2 Responses to So I give my chili nutrition!

  1. Hampus says:

    I just planted my chilifrön and they stand in an empty computer chassis with foil around inside. 2St. led lights. Should I have the plastic over the plastic pots?

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi. Yes put some plastic over the pots until the seed germinated and they look up. A little plastic over it will be both warmer and so retains moisture longer in Earth.

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