Chiliplantor in rose pots!

Today I got home my rose pots. I'm going this year using these jars that are higher and narrower than regular pots to my chiliplantor before school if one last time to large pots (10 – 20 liters.). I have been trying to get hold of square rose pots but found no one who could provide me with such so it had to be round.
I plant my little chiliplantor in 8 cm small pots when they had their character sheets. When the pot is genomrotad so the school to 1,5 liter roskruka and later to the larger rose pot on 4 liters..

One advantage of these pots is that they don't take so much space and they are deep, and I think that this is good for chili that has taproot. (It develops straight down from the plant and can be very long in relation to the plant's size. From pålroten deleted since smaller and thinner roots that collect water and nutrients.)

One thing to consider is that chili has very sensitive roots and should be treated carefully it is therefore an advantage to power them up in pluggbrätte or other small cubes so as to avoid disturbing the roots as much as possible.

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2 Responses to Chiliplantor in rose pots!

  1. Bear P says:

    Found fyrkntiga. See the link.
    My should be planted about next week.
    Where did you find your round?

    Best wishes,

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Bear!
      My round pots, Rose pots are a bit higher than ordinary pots. I buy mine from Halls garden in Gothenburg. Ask for rose pots in your local Garden Centre.

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