Aphids on chiliplantor for winter storage!

When vinterförvarar their plants so it is quite often that the attack by, for example,. lice. The plants are much more susceptible to lice if they are stressed and they gets most of the plants when they are allowed to change the environment to less light, heat, water, etc..

It is very important that we constantly check their wintering plants, lift the leaves look on the bottom, new shoots as the plant sets tend to be a place where lice thrives. If you see small white flakes that are hudömsningar louses at plantas leaves etc so it wont be a sign that lice are but they can be difficult to detect.

Also I am pretty sure to check my plants wont suffer from these little green or black bastards, but they are going to kill them and even prevent with primarily so to simply and squeezing them to death. In many cases, this treatment is not enough and then they should resort to SOAP piping solution.

I mix my såpsprit to. (1 Cup green/yellow SOAP 1 DL T-spirit and 2,5 liter vatten. Dissolve the SOAP in hot water, Let everything cool down and add the alcohol.) Pour everything in a pump bottle or similar. Spray the morning and evening first time wait a day or 2, check out the plants carefully. There are no bugs left so spray 1 times a week as a preventive measure but a weaker solution, mix the solution you have with some water to.

Does not help this, you use the “Natria Pyrsol” approved for edible plants. Natria Pyrsol is available as a solution that you mix with water and a premixed solution in spray bottle.

Note: There are many other remedies against lice, etc.. but check carefully so you do not use a medium that cannot be used on edible plants, use such means, you cannot use your chillies into something, not even to dry them, but everything must be discarded!

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10 Responses to Aphids on chiliplantor for winter storage!

  1. stephen dunkley says:

    What is t spirit?

  2. Daniel says:

    Hey Stig. Would like to thank you for a great guide in the first place, reading almost every day.
    Saw your video on how to spray the plants with this såpsprit, was going to start doing it I also from time to time. But do you spray the Epsom salts also? And if so, do so as carefully?(over/under the leaves) Brand new in chilivärlden it is difficult to know everything… 🙂

  3. Daniel says:

    OK, should be acquired. Your, and many others plants are so incredibly nice in the leaves, mine are more carpeted and smooth. Could this have to do with sprayande or is it generally prosperous?
    How dose you allgrow and how often? Spray you like in the video?
    List of different nutrient solutions I'm getting long now..
    Formulex, chilli focus, Bio bact tomato, Epsom, bone meal, Guano.. Must be so nice next year to avoid having regard to all these kinds of simple things… 🙂 thank God that there is that kind of helpful souls you!

  4. The says:

    Hey Stig!
    My son has gained Natria Pyrsol spray to fight their attackers chiliväxts (I'll post the link to this excellent site to him this instant!). It says that the plant can get damaged if exposed to direct sunlight along with treatment.
    Do you know how long afterwards they can exhibit growth (which is in a pot) in the sunlight again after the pests are gone? It would, of course, that the chillies to feel good in the Sun, or how?
    Best wishes,,

  5. Roland says:

    Dare to spray with something stronger than water if it has useful animals? Try to keep clean of leaves with cotton pads dipped in the soapy mixture but dare not spray, for I am afraid to damage commercial animals. Has set out, among other things, Oriusbaggar.

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