Many capsicum chinense varieties can be quite difficult to germinate.

Many capsicum chinense varieties should be right difficult to start up and get them to germinate. With even heat and high humidity, it is no problem!

I started up early to sprout my capsicum chinense varieties this year then they can take time to germinate. This year do I use heating elements and the thermostat to maintain a constant heat of about 28 degrees and it has indeed been shown to be effective. Gro time has on average been 10 days and it is very fast for some awkward capsicum chinense varieties, so I highly recommend heat and humidity for these varieties.

Today, I have school on most small plants to small plastic pots in which they will now have to grow for about 4 – 6 weeks before it is time for 1,5 liter rose pots.

I have some exciting varieties that now come in soil to germinate, one of them is “CAROLINA REAPER AKA HP22B” a chili that some believe will be the next world champion in strength. It will be interesting to test both taste and control on this chili pepper in summer.

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