Now, many of my chili cave and become seedlings.

Then I wound at least 5 St of each chilisort which I intend to grow so I now have far too many plants. I will just have to pick out the finest specimens and then grow these further season 2013.

Are you interested in any hot chiliplanta then just to hear from you, I have a hundred number chiliplantor to be removed, the ones I don't get rid of will end up in the compost.

It is about 40 different varieties ranging from White Bhut Jolokia to Chupetinho, just ask if there is any special hot capsicum chinense, which you would like to have. All plants are very nice and prosperous. The larger plants are planted in the rose pots in a nutrient rich soil.

25:- for small and 30:- till 80:- for the major varieties!

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