Chili Fire, Bengle Naga and Dorset Naga from seed!

Fire, Bengle Naga and Dorset Naga I bought as small plants in West Doset, England by Sea Spring Farm. They grow many of their chili in several major greenhouses that are that big growing tunnels. The plants I bought I have left and winter storage right now

This year, I myself have drawn up these three varieties from seed and they grow well. All three of these varieties like even irrigation so I never let them dry out completely, This was one of the advice I got from Joy at the Sea Spring Farm another was that these plants thrive in large pots and then becomes larger and provide more fruits.

I have seeds to all three of these chili, Fire, Bengle Naga and Dorset Naga if you would like to grow one of these chili, germination has been 100%.

Just contact me if you are hungry for some hot chilifröer!

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