Now, I have set the last chilifröerna for this season!

It is not easy to choose which varieties to grow when you have hundreds of varieties of chili seeds to choose from. You do grow all although it soon realizes that it is not possible.

Today we went the last seed into the Root Riot cubes to gro, These cubes can I not be without for it germinate much better than in ordinary soil so it's easier to succeed even with the most challenging kinds. In these cubes get seed a opptimerad mix of moisture and oxygen. If you have access to heat to germinate these tropical seeds faster I harundervärme (heat mat) and keeps a constant heat of about 27 – 30 degrees.

These varieties were what I started off today.

Aribibi, Trinidad Sc Yellow, Giant white Habanero, Habanero Big Sun, Trinidad Douglah, Buht Jolokia Peach, CGN 22091 and 7 Pod Primo

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