Today I brought up my volunteer chiliplantor!

fire_2012I got started a little late with bringing up my överintrande chiliplantor this year but then it is about 1 month to go before they are allowed to come out of the chilihusen to make it not so much, they will have time to grow and give me very hot fruit this year.



My volunteer chiliplantor plants is the starved all winter under lighting. I have watered them sparingly and they are still there in the old earth so now it's time to give them new larger pot and a new healthy well fertilized soil.

Here I show in a little movie how I do, the principle is really the same as when school on plants for larger pot but other than that I am not found with chicken manure pellets then I don't want to shock them now that they're going to wake up to life. They will of course during the summer to get a retraining to even larger pot and then I found with chicken manure pellets. Rose Earth as I plant them in contain enough but nutrition now when they start up for the season.

In the film, it is a “Fire” plant that receives new pot and brought to life…

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