Why should you use specialist lighting for plants?

I left one of my year's Dorest Naga in peace and let it have its buds and now hell blossoms that I do not know what. So there's no doubt that you get both flowers and fruit under regular fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lamps.

Why should I buy specialist lighting to their chiliplantor when ordinary fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lamps work so good? This is a good example of fluorescent lamps and compact fluorescent lamps with color 4000 k is quite enough to both push up the plants and then get them to bloom. Now it's not just the lights that will be right for the plants to thrive indoors but that means a lot.

If you're wondering, the plant also put fruits in the lighting, This does not have any yet but I have several varieties where I left some flowers for that very reason that they would have put fruit in 4000 k and they have also done.

I can understand that if you have a plant that you want to be indoors then it may be ok to get any speciallampa just for that purpose, but if, like me and many other chili hobby grower has several plants so I see no reason why it.

Take for example FLUORA T8 – fluorescent lamps for plant lighting 36W for 140:- This tube is not one whit better than Philips TL-D 840 for 38:- but rather worse. Why is it like this? Are they trying to kid us hobby growers?

What do you think about this?

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  1. Carl K says:

    I have always liked the new technology.. I love buying new gadgets.. Even when it comes to light.. LED.. Of course, I'm all in.. I am empty inside to buy plasma.. And so will you step into my life and destroys.. (misunderstand me right and read the full text.).

    This year, I have torn out all lights out of my one growing tent and run only LE, probably there will be built a great ramp with 840 tube. After seeing all your tests repeatedly show that it will be best with fluorescent lighting, you're just stupid that sticks in pure tekniknörderi..

    I have tried with aspects that different light spectrum, lower power consumption, Modern technology. The only thing I've come up with is the design and development of new technologies that cost. The question I have been asking myself is why one chooses to develop something and not even going up of the basic performance of ex. TLD 840. I understand that failure immediately.. But to let it go to the market and thus “lurking” customers..

    The gist of this purely.. Thanks Stig, because you are, for sharing with you in a way that we mere mortals understand. And that you keep the scientific enough to be able to punch holes in your tests.

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