Now my chiliplantor come in for wintering!

This year, I will not hibernate so many plants, but it only becomes Fatalii Jigsaw, Carolina reaper, No Jigsaw and a Dorset naga. I cut down my plants already in the greenhouse, making sure they don't have any vermin before I set them down in my basement.

Many have asked how to prune their plants before winter storage. Igent so
There is no need to prune them now but to wait until this spring, when they will begin to grow again but I think it's easier to do it now because they take up less space and at the same time, it is possible to less light to illuminate the plants indoors.

When I cut down my plants so I cut over a node which will then branch to grow out there later. You learn with time how and where it is best to cut. You can cut down the plants very hard, Yes if you only have a small straight pin left so there will be a plant even if one does not believe that it should be possible.

What you should consider when and before and during winter storage of chili, you can read here!

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  1. Jörgen says:

    Hi, now I've finally got my lamp which I ordered, to see if the plants gets himself in winter or if I have to put the new seeds. Has also been pearlite on vermiculite so I'll see if there is any difference that as seed in them 🙂
    I got so little fruit in years so I must have done reached errors, to see if it will be different this time..

    Best Wishes, Jörgen

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Jörgen!
      Please tell us how your plants are in your new lamp when the rated light a few weeks.

      • Jörgen says:

        What should I do, I put this up yesterday on the judgment may 14 hours of light/day, in the beginning anyways. Maybe going down at the time when they took him.
        I also wonder how to make if you want to cross the 2 different plants

  2. Per says:

    -How you avoid aphids?
    My chiliplantor wont be totally ok when I take them in september from the garden, 1-2 months later, it's just to throw them out when the louse has propagated itself properly and kills the tender shoots.
    Spray with SOAP (recipe from I have tested the, did not work. I sprayed a lot of that year I had taken in the 50 's plants in the garage, every other day it went to 1 litre in 2 weeks, then I gave up. Lice then won when they liked the climate with 2 St. 400W HPS.

    This year the disappearance of Dorset Naga, Jamaican Jerk, some sort of Orange Habanero, ' Bhut Jolokia ', Cayenne Slim Red, good strong orange Habanero from the plantation and a big bushy White Habanero where fruits grew klasvis. Most had grown inside the 2,5 years and was accustomed to only light through the Windows.

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Per!

      I understand that you are tired of these lice infestation that usually come a few weeks after taking in the plants indoors. I'm very careful to check over my plants before I take them. Plants that look a bit sick out, I never enter without just fine healthy plants. I also cut down my plants before being allowed to enter so there are no leaves left where lice can hide. I SOAP piping spraying them one day before it's time to come in as a preventive measure. Sometimes they will help it not how closely you are then predisposition to lice can exist in the Earth. As a preventive measure so have mixed to my own organic “Lusdaödare” as I give my seedlings as they come in. 1 – 2 tablespoons of this solution hoses I down in the pots and it seems to work because I have not had any lice since I started adding my “Louse killers” Do you want to test it so give me a message via my contact page. There is nothing that I sell but you can get a small bottle.

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