It is an art to irrigate correctly. Here's how I!

Watering early in the morning or in the evening. In blazing sunshine to evaporate much of the water. Use the temperate water. Pour water in a watering can and leave or if you have access to a thin, fill it with water.

Pots should have large holes in the bottom so that excess water drains away. Water until the water flows through the pot, then you know that the entire root ball become moist. If only surface watering makes it no more useful. It is better to give a hearty rotblöta instead of småskvätta.

Let the pots dry up slightly but not completely chilli would have even access to water. Feel on the pot, lifting or tilting it up before watering and after watering so do you know the difference. You can then do this to determine if the plant needs water.

I know that many States that chiliväxter to dry out completely before watering again but so do not I. Completely parched plants that hangs with the leaves are very susceptible to pests and diseases.

Plants in small, pots must have water every day during the sunny summer days. Are you going away for a few days so set the pots in the shade and cover the Earth with bark or plastic from standard plastic bags – this reduces the evaporation.

PS. You can add some pebbles, pot shards or LECA balls at the bottom and then cover with a piece of filter cloth before you fill in with soil. This allows the water to drain away more easily, and the roots don't have to choke, but easily get oxygen. Are you rich large drainage holes in the pots will not be needed.

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  1. Alexander says:

    Oh my it looks as if your Dorset Naga plant will become mega big this year

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