Bhut Orange Copenhagen – A Danish hot chili!

This year I'll grow it hot Bhut orange Copenhagen. this chili is bred by Mr Friis Larsen. This particular Bhut should have a very good flavor and heat. the seeds I use comes directly from the source via Bjarne's frø og planter in Denmark.

Of the 30 seeds I cave in Root Riot cubes, all cave. 100% germination it is very good.

Today, I have been on them to 1 liter pots with my own nutrient-rich soil mix and 10% Perlite. They will now get st on self watering carpet to it's time for retraining number 2 to larger pot.

Are you looking to grow this hot good Orage Bhut I have seeds over. It's just contact me or join my group on Facebook so, you get access to a variety of chili pepper seeds.

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