My chili cuttings have grown well!

For about. 6 weeks ago so I took cuttings from some of my big chiliplantor I winters. They rooted out unusually fast. The pots as they are now fully genomrotade as soon as I have to repot them in larger pots.

They were surprisingly easy to get cuttings to root out when I used small svampkuber who had to stand in a cloches with lid and a heat mat. They have received light from fluorescent lighting with colour combination 840 and 865 in 16 hours/day. The pictures are the cuttings from Bengle Naga, Habanero Lemon and Dorset Naga.

When to root cuttings so you have to be able to withstand mod for it can take a long time. When the small cuttings start getting new leaves, it's a good indication that you are on your way to success.

Here you can see how I am doing when I take cuttings from chili.

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