What can happen if chiliplantorna gets too little light?

What can happen if if chiliplantorna gets too little light? A common symptom is that the
the bottom leaves turn yellow, wither and fall off. Some plants will be long, thin and
rickety. Small leaves and long petiole is usually when the light is not enough.

Many plants get dried leaf edges and eventually completely dried leaves. New leaves are difficult to unfold itself p.g. (a). they are dried in the lead or somewhere else. When the blade well manage to come up properly, it is often söndertrasat.

Some of these symptoms can in fact already see. Some plants will be long, thin and rickety. Small leaves and long petioles. Dried leaf edges and deformed leaves.

Yes we will see what they look like plants evolved in a few weeks, I'm going to keep them alive with water and nutrition.

I get water often when it is quite hot in the windowsill where it sits an item there for. So it is not optimal, for a little light in relation to much heat and water.

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  1. Roger N says:

    Hi! Has a collection of various chiliplantor and including. Trinidad morunga who suddenly got yellow small dots on the leaves, then Brown dots, the leaves curl herself and falls off and the buds will shrink and fall off. What have we suffered? What do I do? They stand in where there is Sun half the day and drinking kopiöst with water.-

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Monika!
      A little hard to say what it exactly depends on, yellow and white spots on the leaves tend to be a sign of too much light (Tan) Are they in a window with full sun half the day? Trinidad Morunga plants usually have ripple a little curled leaves which in time straightens. To the buds fall off is quite common at this time indoors so it's nothing strange. Remove all buds, we will plant more energy to grow bigger.
      It is a little tricky in this particular case is that if a plant gets enough light in relation to temperature so can these symptoms on the leaves develop, then usually plant also get dry leaf edges.

      Have you checked over the plant carefully so it is not affected by any vermin, spins can also give these symptoms on leaves. You see it's not that easy to say what it could be but I will send you an email so maybe you can send me some photos of your chiliplanta so it might be easier for me to plot the correct!

  2. Damien says:

    Can I send a couple pictures.
    My plants are doing not so good, they do not become discolored hardly at all but they dry on the edges and get dry patches until sheet dried off in principle.
    I probably have more than enough light, plant lighting 24 Watt fluorescent. But may have had it too hot before, 27 – 30 degrees. Now that I have the door open, it will be around 26.
    It would possibly be that I planted about in for big pots but I do not know what I will do now. Getting a little panic here.
    Best wishes,, Damien

  3. Christoffer says:

    Hi I have a little problem with ev, the leaves of some get a little white/gray at the edges, looks a bit dry out maybe.
    Though I have kept them wet at all times so it should not be the problem.
    Would I be able to send some pictures to you, If you might know what it is?

    Mvh Christoffer

  4. Jonas L says:

    Hi have planted about 40 small pots with different varieties, some with two seeds in but most of 1 seed in.
    Half came up on 1 week .
    But it's been around 2 ½ week on they go only on height now becomes nothing more bladpar some are 5-6 cm long.

    Have had about 25-30 degrees in the terrarium I cultivated in with lighting but yes had first 2 old 25w old halogen lights that yes then replaced against the 2 St energy-35w has the light on 16 Tim day on the dom is in a South window.
    It works to support illuminate with compact fluorescent bulbs?

  5. Mattias says:

    Hi! I have grown chiles that have now become quite large and a few flowers, But some of the flowers have started to turn brown, and I do not know why, the leaves look pretty and everything…..Please help!

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! The flowers are enough o-pollinated when they dry and fall off. Shake the plant now and then. Is the Brown from the beginning, there may be some pests such as thrips, etc. shake the plant against a white piece of paper and check carefully if you see any insects.

  6. Angelica Laago says:


    I have a chilliplanta and a bell pepper seedling planted together in a huge självvattnande pot…they have been standing out there all summer in my Caravan. now when it was time to pick up that I took with me the pot but think it was a little cold out on evenings and nights so I've taken it ….got a plant lamp for winter storage of summer plants…which chilli….have now had the light on since yesterday and find today that many leaves have fallen off…have filled with water mixed with just växtnärning for fruit and vegetables… also checked so it is not too much water under the stick in the självvattnande pot…so they are not in the water so to speak….How is it that it begins dropping leaves…has it got a shock due to the lamp with extra light?…have the right so hot inside so heat is there nothing wrong with…CA 22-25 degrees…There are a lot of chilli on the seedling and as so Peppers on the other…is there anything else I should consider to thrive?

  7. Simon says:


    I have the exact problem as you describe with long rickety Habanero where basically all the first big leaves have fallen off. Now it starts to get “shots” in many of the places where the blades come loose and the formation of branches. All the leaves on the plant is properly small in comparison to what they were before. Is there any way to save these plants?

    Best wishes,,


    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Just wait until the new shoots developed, There will be new branches to keep them alive so it will ready itself

  8. Pär Linnarsson says:

    Hi. I have a plant with “sweet chocolate” standing in an outdoor room, very light, around 20-25grader of day and 10-15 at night. Water and fertilize continuously. Start now getting chillies, about 10pcs but one of the fruits have got a brownish a little soft party. Wondering if there is something I am doing wrong?

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi. It can be pistillröta. The basic cause of the pistillröta is considered to be calcium deficiency during fruit development. This usually happens when you grow in pots. Provide a balanced liquid nutrition every time you water but only 2 ml in 1 liter vatten.

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