Water, nutrition and Epsom Salt.

I usually give my chiliplantor a little Epsom Salt at some point in the month, I sprinkle a little on earth before I water. My plants have responded very well to this treatment to help them to take up the nutrients that you give them.

According to the experts, they say if Epsom salts and it seem right if you check out my chiliplantor.

“Allows plants growing and becoming stronger. Enhances chlorophyll production. Improves the absorption of phosphorus and nitrogen”.

When many of my plants are starting to become big and Nice, you can access a lot of water so it is fortunate that it has access to water for growing room for otherwise it would be a heaven running and carrying water jugs. I give them is still a low dose liquid nutrition every time I water. Now that they are in 10 liter pots so hoses I was 4:e day.

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  1. Amandak says:

    Oh, I've read a lot good about Epsom salt! Where have you bought your?

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