I get so tired of all the claims that are so much better!

ledAs many of you know, can I test and have tested many different stages of plants offered us hobby growers. I have still not found any Part that can measure up to my low-energy light bulbs or fluorescent lamps. What do they get their facts from that they would be so much better?

They go on old research on the red and blue light? Do not they know that there is new research that shows that the plants need a broader light spectrum?

Why there are no led vendors that tested their ranks against the most common light sources that we use hobby growers, low energy light bulbs and fluorescent lamps.

This is a claim:

“Plants need a lot more of other wavelengths than those normally emitted at regular lighting, and it is only with LED technology, you can now optimize the light so that it contains just the wavelengths that make best use of the plants and photosynthesis.”

Normal lighting? Are the bulbs they mean? Or is it the low energy and fluorescent lamps?

Why not just tell it like it is, Led for plants works if they are properly optimized but then they would be far too expensive lighting that not many of us hobby growers could afford to buy, those who are now already is expensive today. As it is today, it is the cheapest and best option to grow chili for fluorescent lamps and compact fluorescent lamps with 4000 k and 6500 k

Why is no one disputes my claims and my tests? Could it be that many Led vendors know that I'm right?

I can tell you that green light AB that compared his Plant led with conventional bulbs to show that it saved a lot of energy has removed the information because I pointed out how wrong it was because no one grow under regular light bulbs. I wanted them to make comparisons with compact fluorescent or fluorescent lights but then there was no energy gain so they took away the energy profit table completely.

I think the green light AB was juste who took to heart the criticism.

PS. You will find some allegations that led is the best option out of farming or energy or similar so let me know so I can read what it is written!

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2 Responses to I get so tired of all the claims that are so much better!

  1. Frederick says:

    This is an investigation that is at once anyways. Though not finished until 2015, but …

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hello Fredrik.
      Well I know this research. What they do is more to develop computer programs that will control the lights, color frequencies, etc. and it's probably not something we hobby growers can afford.

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