Now I have spaljerat up a Chili, COR de-Marina

I have never spaljerat up a chili before, but I've seen others who made it and they were very beautiful to look at with all the hanging chili peppers so I do your own attempts this year. I chose the kind Cor de-Marina for it has a more upright growth habit than many other hot Habaneros.

I have planted this in a 10 liter pot for to use this trellis in metal that I bought at Lidl for 49:-. I use green rubber-coated steel wire for stringing/wiring by plants in order to attach the branches. When the pot is a bit too big for the plant that stood in a 1,5 liter pot so I've mixed in both perlite and some clay to get a well drained soil so roots not oxygenated to take damage, I get water in moderation to the established itself in this odlarkruka.

It'll be fun to see how this becomes in the fall. I keep getting snip of branches so the branching out as I want to, not so easy but so far I have managed to get the one I want.

This plant I sowed the 11 December 2012, I've pruned it a few times and now I thought it was time for it to get a larger pot and a trellis, It has been backed up but common flower sticks until now.

Have you spaljerat up any chili?

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