Now I have picked out competition the plant to the Dorset Naga Chilli Challenge 2014!

One of my Dorset Naga plants have developed very good. It has branched out in the way I want to, and that it is still fairly low. It will now have a big pot on the whole 65 litres to grow in. I will base the pot with a proprietary blend of fertilizers that are long-lasting with following NPK N-9 P-3 K-18

The plant will have come out of my greenhouse already in the beginning of May this year, I hope to beat my record from last year on 308 red fruits on one and the same plant. If I do that only time will tell but förusättningarna there is no doubt then this year i know much more about how this kind to care to give fruit. Dorset Naga does not like large temperature swings, drop type usualy its flowers if stressed it wants and calm and quiet and smooth supply of water and the right nutrition at the right time.

PS I compete in both Swedish and English contest this year.

Those of you who are in the race what about your competition plants?

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