Racing plant Dorset Naga is now on its place in the greenhouse!

Today it was time for my Dorset naga plant that I opted out of the contest to get new large pot, 65 litres and to get out in the greenhouse. It was a little cumbersome to get out from the basement but with the help of the wheelbarrow, it was easy to roll it to the greenhouse for retraining.

When the pot is large and missing holes so I drilled holes both on the sides and at the bottom of the pot to get a good drainage of excess water. I also founded with LECA balls at the bottom which I then added a piece of filter cloth over to earth not to penetrate into the kulbädden. I do not want any water resorvoar in the bottom of the pot and it will not be because it is also a lot of holes in the bottom.

This year I am using both rosjord and vegetable soil that I mixed with some secret ingredients. I have founded the pot with lots of PK fertilizers for good flowering and fruit setting. What is the fattening and ratio of NPK? It is secret now is it the contest so now you can keep your patience I will tell you when the contest is over.

This update was 14 today so you can see how my plant develops. Fruits may put first in July so the flowers which will now picks me off.

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4 Responses to Racing plant Dorset Naga is now on its place in the greenhouse!

  1. Alexander says:

    Neat Path, will be interesting to see how large the seedling becomes in this giant pot, I am keeping my fingers crossed and am sure you will win the contest this year

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Glad you keep your fingers crossed for me and my plant! Yes it will be interesting to see how big it can become in this 65 liter pot. It's not just the pot size is essential but it must be managed well in order to grow and give many red fruits.

  2. Magura says:

    I myself have drilled holes in the buckets to create pots with holes in. Then I mused on what would be the best, water reservoir or not, but come not up to no good answers and drilled in the bottom (so no reservoir). Therefore, I am curious as to why you do not want any water reservoir in the bottom of the pot?

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Of course one can also have an vattenresovoar in the bottom of the pot as a self watering pot but then should have holes in the sides a bit so that it doesn't get too much water in the pot. I chose to have holes in the bottom so that I have better control of my irrigation. I hoses until I see that excess water runs out. In this 65 liter pot, it is sufficient that I water through each 4 day as it is now. In the case of long hot periods when we ate the plant put the fruits so hoses I every other day with ca 10 liter vatten.

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