1 may 2014. More chiliplantor must come out!

Today I have exhibited and schools in a few plants for. Cold outside 8 degrees but hot in the greenhouse 25 degrees. Comfortable temperature to work i think both me and my plants.

Now, I only have a 10 number plants left in the basement that they, too, will come out in the greenhouse at the weekend. Many of the plants start pushed out their branches and searching for more light while they are under strong fluorescent lighting. These plants, I will crop in a way that I found out that it is the best for these utskutande branches that are looking for more light. Seedlings that do this will become stronger and branch off better with such treatment.

I will show here on my site how I make when I prune the plants with a small video.

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  1. Hollie says:

    This came at the right time! My plants have to be cropped but I have drawn on it for fear that I'll make mistakes and kill them. I am now looking forward to the movie so I can see how it should be done properly. 🙂

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