Vilket ljus är bäst kallt, varmt, rött/blått eller rött/vitt?

Then it was time to kick off this season's first ljustest. This time we will see if it makes no difference whether you use cold or warm light by fluorescent lamps. Then I still test you will get two LED spots be with.

All lights have the same effect 18 Watt and the same distance from the light source about 20 cm. It's 2 St plants in every illumination of the same kind. I use Bhut Orange Kopenhagen then I have so many of that particular kind.

Lighting sources that are used are as follows:

Narva fluorescent lamps 18W 2700 k Price 21:-
Narva fluorescent tubes 6500 k 18W Price 28:-
Venso LED PGL-E18 3:6 Red/White 18W price 890:-
PEPS easygrow 18, 2w Price 398:-

I will update here on my page so you can see the plants development.

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2 Responses to Vilket ljus är bäst kallt, varmt, rött/blått eller rött/vitt?

  1. Mrs E says:

    JEG synes, you lack a quality LED with only red and blue light in your test to make it accurate 🙂 Red and white alone will never give as good a result as red / blue, and since most use red/blue, missing the comparison the.

    The Red/White is, of course, come, because the light is not so unpleasant to look at – It is not for the sake of the plants.

    Best wishes,

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! Yes the finns många är bäst för theories about vad as plan torna när the gäller färgen on ljuset. JAG has mina och andra has sina.

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